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GAMEBOY Micro Hands-ON Review

gameboy micro picture

Gameboy Micrro cartridges plug into the bottom of the unit, much like the GBA SP does. GBA / GBmicro cartridge port is slightly off-set to the left side of the unit, making room for the headphone port on the right.

That's another big deal: instead of the proprietary headphone port of the GBA SP, the GameBoy Micro uses standard 1/8" headphones. On the top of the unit between the L and R buttons, the system has an EXT port that will be used for charging the internal battery as well as provide a plug-in for the link cable dongle that will be made for the unit. The EXT port is proprietary to the Game Boy Micro, looking similar to plug-in ports for a cellphone.

gameboy micro mini advance

The micros start and select buttons are on the bottom edge of the unit, and they will light up a cool blue when powering on the system. GB Micro A and B action buttons, as well as the D-pad, are no longer the "clicky" style of the GBA SP, instead going back to a more softer feeling of standard D-pad and action button feedback.

Along with the small size comes a smaller screen than the GameBoy Advance and GBA SP system. The LCD screen is far, far more bright and vibrant than the GBA SP system, more in line with the backlight technology of the Nintendo DS system. GBA games are definitely much more vivid in light and color on the device, and text is completely legible even at the slightly smaller size.

The system is surprisingly comfortable to hold, though it's made more for portability than it is for ergonomics. It goes back to the days of the original Game Boy Advance design that allows for players hands to spread out a little more than the GBA SP's more "cramped" configuration.

Nintendo has not reveal price or specific release date beyond the "Fall 2005" window No details on possible features such as wireless or GameCube connectivity. Ability to play MP3 files on Gameboy Micro has not been confirmed by Nintendo.

Features of the GB Advance MICRO:

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.
  • Screen brightness adjustment
  • Will play GBA / GBASP games (will not play GB COLOR games.)
  • Same as X360 and cell phones features exchangable facplates.
  • Smallest Gameboy to date...


The Game Boy Micro can play Game Boy Advance games, but it isn't compatible with classic Game Boy cartridges or the eReader peripheral. The handheld also requires an adapter when connecting with GBA players, since it can't use the old cables.

Tiny, lightweight, and stylish, with a backlit and very clear screen, the Micro also taps into Game Boy Advance's existing library of more than 700 titles. Interchangeable faceplates.
Not as sturdy as the GBA SP or DS. DS games are not compatible with the Micro.

Good / Bad

hardware will come in both silver and black versions, each with three removable faceplates (including "Flame," "Camouflage," "Ammonite," and "Ladybug") that allow for personalization and protect the high-resolution backlit screen.

The unit comes in a black color, with reflective A, B, and shoulder buttons, and includes three faceplates with the following designs: a Flame pattern, a Camouflage design, and a simple silver color. Also includes an AC adapter and a pouch. The unit comes in a silver color, with reflective A, B, and shoulder buttons, and includes three faceplates with the following designs: an Ammonite design (a black background with translucent blue swirls), a Ladybug Design, and a simple black color.

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